To the Class of 2019....

To the Class of 2019....

You did it.

You have joined something and have allowed it to be bigger than any single person. You have successfully been a teammate for Barstow College softball.

Two years ago the college didn't have a team. There were not enough players to field a team so the college cancelled the season. Last year we began the build. We started in the fall and slowly came together. We developed work ethic and pride in the efforts of every day.

We were told we would be lucky to win a game that first year. We won 10, but more importantly celebrated the success of being a team.

Step-by-step, we formed a foundation for where we are today.

This is a celebration of many different people coming together for one purpose – the team.

There were many struggles and frustrations. There were potholes and speed bumps on our road for success. And, it was a journey that not everyone finished. Some started and faded away, but you didn't. Those who remained and toiled in the heat of practice are better for it. One of the greatest things in life is being a teammate. Those who stayed are champions.

You put others ahead of yourself.

You continued to work through aches and pains of sport.

You went to class and strived to do well.

Bonds were formed. Friendships were made and tested.

You made it. You have a common ground with all of the players on the team… your team. Memories were made through the smiles and laughter of victory or the tears and frustration in defeat.

The day has arrived. You did it.

Some of you will go on to play at other colleges.

Some of you will go on to get your degrees and start a career.

Some of you will serve your country.

Some of you will find your niche and begin a new chapter of your life.

All of you will forever be teammates.

Your coaches want to thank you for all you have done for the team. We appreciate the dedication you gave us and each other.

Simply put… you did it.

It's time to go out and do more.